Clemson football: Ridiculous Gamecock fan takes jab at Tajh Boyd

South Carolina fans continue to show why they will always be “little brother” to Clemson football. It shows on the field, in recruiting and of course, it shows in the differences between the two fan bases.

Former Division II relief pitcher and “CEO of The Spurs Up Show” Chris Phillips, posted a video recently with former Clemson football great Tajh Boyd and in the video asked Tajh if he “knew any Owen” and then made some ridiculous quip of Boyd being winless against Carolina as he walked away.

At this point, we should expect nothing less from anyone in that fan base. We should expect nothing less from Phillips either. He is “CEO” of the same website that posted contact info for the girlfriends of Clemson baseball players a couple of seasons ago and encouraged fans to contact them.

He goes out of his way to say outlandish things about Clemson athletics in order to stay in good graces with a fan base and school he has no connection with. Though, there are some Carolina fans that understand how ridiculous Phillips is.

The South Carolina trophy case is empty and their winless streak to Clemson football is going to continue for the foreseeable future. They also have a knack for signing the few 5-star players the state produces and no one ever hearing from them again.

Tajh Boyd is a huge reason for the Clemson football rise to power

Ask any Clemson football fan who helped lay the foundation for the success that the Tigers have had over the last decade and two names repeatedly come up – running back’s coach CJ Spiller and Tajh Boyd.

Both choosing Dabo Swinney and Clemson football as prep stars led us to where the program is today and while their records against any single opponent may not reflect their accomplishments, if you paid attention to Clemson during their careers, you know that they left everything on the field every week.

Spiller and Boyd continue to represent the university in everything they do, and Clemson alumnus everywhere are blessed to count them both as Clemson graduates.

No, Boyd was never able to beat Carolina, but it did not help that he had an offensive coordinator who inexplicably called plays like a WR pass that ended in an interception during a drive when your running back was gashing a defense for eight yards a carry either.