Clemson football: 2022 recruiting class among the greatest under Dabo

Clemson football 2022 recruiting is starting to take shape and that has a lot of people around the country very nervous.

While the current overall class ranking of the 2022 Clemson football recruiting class has yet to jump into the Top 10 nationally, there is one component that has increased incrementally – and that is component is far more important than overall rankings.

When entities like Rivals, ESPN, or 247Sports rank classes, they typically go off of total points assigned to a class which means the bigger the class, the more points that a team accumulates.

Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney does not believe in the SEC way of thinking, so he refuses to over-sign recruiting classes. He believes in committing to players for four years and honors that commitment from the time they sign, so the only time he has to do roster management is when a player transfers and does not perform “roster management” simply because a player isn’t living up to their projected expectations.

Clemson football saw a huge jump in per player rating

The component that Clemson football has seen a huge rise over the weekend was in their per player rating.

After the Tigers received a commitment from one of the nation’s premier defensive linemen, IMG Academy’s Jihaad Campbell, they had a per player rating of .9202, which was good for eighth in the country.

After the commitments of Campbell’s IMG teammates Daylen Everette and Keon Sabb, the Tigers per player rating has jumped up to .9345, which is good for third overall in the country behind Alabama (.9500) and Ohio State (.9436)

If the rating holds for Clemson football, it will be tied for the second-highest-rated class under Dabo Swinney; the 2021 class had an average player rating of .9402 – the Trevor Lawrence, Xavier Thomas, and KJ Henry class of 2018 also had a rating of .9345.

With just 10 players committed for the class of 2022, Clemson football is far from done for class and there are still quite a few highly coveted and ranked players on the Tigers radar that will push the class even further ahead as we get closer to the December early signing period.