Clemson Football: Bovada actually has odds on where Dabo Swinney will coach in 2021

There are real Vegas odds on where Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney ends up in 2021

Believe it or not, there is a Vegas site that says there is a chance that Dabo Swinney won’t be the coach of the Clemson football program following this season.

Swinney, who took over as the Head Coach for the Clemson football program on a full-time basis following the 2008 season, has led the Tigers to a total of six ACC Championships, two National Titles and five-straight CFB Playoff appearances.

The State’s Matt Connolly posted the odds on his Twitter account. According to Bovada, there is a -600 chance that Swinney stays at Clemson in 2021, but many other NFL teams and collegiate programs make the list, as well.

Following Clemson, the Jacksonville Jaguars are second (+500) followed by the Alabama Crimson Tide (+1200) and then the Atlanta Falcons (+2500). Some other mind boggling names to make the list include the New York Jets (+2500), Chicago Bears (+2500), Detroit Lions (+2800), Minnesota Vikings (+3300) and Denver Broncos (+3300).

Swinney may be rumored for several NFL jobs, but his heart is in Clemson

As crazy as this list sounds, it’s really even crazier in real life to think that Swinney will be coaching anywhere else other than Clemson next season.

Could he try his hand in the NFL one day? Yes. But that’s still likely years down the road. Swinney has been dedicated to building his program and taking a leap to the NFL is something that doesn’t seem to be in his future any time soon. He loves the recruiting aspect of the game. He loves the pageantry and passion of the college game.

In many ways, I’d think there was a better chance of him leaving to coach at Alabama than him leaving to coach in the NFL.

Either way, this list is ludicrous and anyone around the Tiger program knows as much. There has been no indication from Swinney at all that would say he is looking to make a jump and this is more of oddsmakers just trying to create a narrative rather than capitalizing on any true insider information.