Clemson Football: Todd Bates is recruiting at an elite level

The Clemson football program is on another level right now and much of that has to do with the recruiting job this staff is doing.

The Clemson football program is recruiting, developing and winning at a level higher than anything we’ve ever seen before.

The Tigers are absolutely taking over the role of ‘program to beat’ in the landscape of College Football and things are looking up as Dabo Swinney continues to find ways to top what he has done in the past.

As we look at the recruiting job done during the 2020 cycle for Clemson football, though, one man’s name stands out who doesn’t necessarily get the credit he deserves.

Clemson Defensive Line Coach Todd Bates has recruited at about as high of a level as you could ask for.

In the 2020 cycle alone, Bates was the primary recruiter for 5-star DL Bryan Bresee, 5-star DT Demonte Capehart, 4-star DT Tre Williams and 4-star LB Kevin Swint. He was also the secondary recruiter for 4-star WR EJ Williams and 4-star LB Sergio Allen.

When you look at the recruiting job that Clemson football has done, we obviously like to give credit to Dabo Swinney and Brent Venables, as well as Tony Elliott and Jeff Scott (in the past), but there are few times we give major props to a positional coach for his work in recruiting, though these guys are just as important to the process as any.

But it’s impossible not to give credit to Bates this cycle.

Bates was instrumental in bringing the No. 1 player in the nation to Clemson, as well as two more of the top defensive tackles in the country. He also helped the Tigers pick up two elite linebackers in Swint and Allen, as well as a wide receiver in Williams from the state of Alabama.

Bates is developing his defensive linemen at a high-rate, but he’s also recruiting at an elite level. Because of that, Clemson football fans should give major props to him for evaluating talent and finding a way to stockpile at the position.