Clemson seniors that won’t hear their name called in the NFL draft

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Sean Pollard was a 4-star prospect and part of the 2016 signing class. He was originally recruited as an offensive tackle but played guard and center at Clemson during his career. Another senior that played well in his final season at Clemson but will not hear his name called in April.

The biggest issue that Sean Pollard is going to have is he lacks the speed the NFL wants for centers and the balance that he needs to play guard.

He should get a combine invite and if he tests well there and then again at Clemson’s pro day, he may sneak in the back end of the draft but more than likely he is going to be a rookie free agent and have to impress the right team to make a summer roster.

Draft Profile:

"Pro: Hand placement and timing are ok. No one can argue with how hard this guy works on and off the field. He knows his role and sticks to what he can do well. Works best as a rotational player. Probably won’t see a lot of him in the early years of the NFL. Con: Can be overpowered at times, balance isn’t great, can get lost in the backfield."