Clemson seniors that won’t hear their name called in the NFL draft

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Tanner Muse was part of the 2015 class and was a 3-star player out of North Carolina. Like every player that walks on campus, Tanner was a workhorse and earned his stripes with his work ethic and ability to lead by example.

Tanner was great in his role but was also very limited in his effectiveness as a pass defender and against the better competition he was not very good. He has good size and the ability to hit you, but his lack of range will scare teams off in April.

Draft Profile:

"PROS: Booming presence who can drop down into the line of scrimmage and attack runs as he keys them developing. He’s got good anticipation to flow to the ball but he also provides effective attacks of blocks to press and extend, keeping himself clean to work through traffic and find the football. I like his tackling and he does a nice job of playing through tackle challenges. When he’s not tasked with too much turf to cover, Muse offers effective execution and is disciplined on the back-end…isn’t one to get snookered by route stems and breaks flashing across his face and forcing him to drive to an area that will leave him compromised. CONS: I’m not really sold on his range or viable upside to playing as a deep prowler — I’d imagine he’s going to have to find a role as a more traditional box safety or nickel linebacker in sub-packages if he’s going to stay on the field. Even then, his established skill in man to man coverage is questionable, he’s physical and should feasibly be able to run with tight ends, but we haven’t seen a lot of it. Further compounding his lack of range is some pretty stagnant cuts or changes of direction…he’s quicker for his size vs. being quick overall. Short area agility is an area that will leave you wanting more like a coverage option."