Clemson seniors that won’t hear their name called in the NFL draft

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Tremayne Anchrum was also part of the 2016 signing class and has taken a lot of snaps at Clemson. His last two years he was recognized as an All-ACC selection and did a nice job at times anchoring the Clemson offensive line.

The issue that Anchrum has is his size. Sure, compared to most people he is gigantic but in NFL terms, 6’2 315 pounds is below average and very unattractive to most general managers who want guys much bigger in height.

While Tremayne played well for most of his senior season, he also got caught with hands on his hips a lot and LSU had a field day against him. NFL scouts are watching that tape, which isn’t kind to him in general.

He projects as a guard in the NFL and currently isn’t in anyone’s top 20 of available guards. He is on the fence of getting an invite to the combine, so his Clemson pro-day is going to be very important if he wants to chase his dreams of playing in the NFL.

With the XFL starting this spring, he may have to sit out of football for a year or head up to Canada where he can take a spot on a Canadian roster as an import.