Combine an opportunity for scouts to over analyze Deshaun Watson

Clemson’s Deshaun Watson and the other quarterback prospects at this years NFL combine went through the tedious process of weigh-ins today. Coming into the combine, there were questions surrounding Watson’s size, which he put to rest today coming in at 6’2 1/2, 221 lbs, with a 9 6/8 hand.

Watson may have put the size issue to bed, however, the scrutiny is far from over for the former Clemson Tiger. The NFL combine is a great opportunity for prospects to get exposure, however, it is also an opportunity for scouts to over analyze players.

I believe Deshaun Watson choosing to participate in the NFL combine was mainly due to the criticism that he took for opting out of the senior bowl.  Watson proved all he need to on the field, completing 67.4 percent of his passes for 10,168 yards and 90 touchdowns during his three year career. That being said, Watson is not regarded as the number one quarterback prospect in this draft class by various experts, including CBSsports.

Regardless of how well Deshaun Watson performs at the NFL combine, I am not sure that he can do anything but hurt his draft stock. At this point, NFL scouts are picking apart every aspect of Watson’s game even if it is not flawed.

Watson has proved that he is the best quarterback in this class with his play on the field. He has made consistently NFL level throws throughout his time at Clemson. More importantly, Watson has played his best in Clemson’s biggest games. The most important tool in evaluating a prospect should be film, if you can play it will surely show up on film.

If you still need convincing, ask Nick Saban how good Deshaun Watson is.