Coffee, Clemson Style: Deshaun Watson is the “guy”


There is no question how special Deshaun Watson can be and what he is capable of doing. Check out our Clemson football analysis on just how good he can be.

On today’s edition of Coffee, Clemson Style I want to talk about how good Deshaun Watson could possibly be for the Tigers. Yesterday was a slow news day and while there are a few updates to give you, but I do want to spend some time talking about number four and just what Deshaun Watson means to this team.

Now, I know you’ve heard “Deshaun Watson this” and “Deshaun Watson that” over the past eight months or longer, but I still think he deserves a lot of credit and with Fall Camp just two days away, I wanted to give him some props for what he has done, on and off the field. But first, here are a couple of updates in case you missed out on Clemson Tiger news yesterday:

Former Tiger linebacker

Kellen Jones

has signed to play with the Wisconsin Badgers as a graduate student. He began his football career as an Oklahoma Sooner before transferring to Clemson. He did not get on the field much last season and decided to leave to get a fresh start in a new city and pursue a Graduate Degree. That home, according to reports, will be Wisconsin this upcoming season.

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  • The second piece of news isn’t really news, but I thought I’d mention it for the diehard Tiger fans out there. Fall Camp begins early next week, which basically means we are one month away from the season starting again. It seems like it’s been forever since College Football has been around, but now we will be getting updates almost everyday from Coach Swinney and his staff as to how the team is performing and what players we can expect to see on game day. Make sure you check back here on Rubbing the Rock to get updates from Fall Camp throughout the month of August.

Deshaun Watson is “the guy”

Now, I wanted to express my appreciation for Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson. Watson got his first chance to play in the Georgia game last season and even looking back at that game, you knew he was going to be special. He led the Tigers down the field, between the hedges, and delivered a perfect strike to Charone Peake for a touchdown. Later, he got the opportunity to play in front of a nationally televised audience at #1 Florida State and almost led Clemson to a victory.

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Deshaun Watson later defeated in-state rival South Carolina with a torn ACL and throughout the season, Tiger fans alike knew he was special. When he is on the field, he has the charisma and leadership that the entire offense seems more confident. He is a natural born leader and his football skills are off the charts.

I say this for two reasons:

1) I’ve heard many fans want to pump the brakes on Watson’s talent and site “Sophomore Slump” as a possible occurrence and while I believe it could happen to anyone, I honestly believe Watson’s sophomore slump may be throwing for 28 touchdowns. He is that good and is that freakish of an athlete. We will have more on this to come later in the week, but just know he is that good.

2) Reason number two is so that Clemson fans will enjoy watching Deshaun Watson play. This is, in my opinion, his second to last year as long as he stays healthy and he will be gone. Enjoy every chance you get to see this young man play because there may not be another one like him in a long time.

There is no doubt in my mind Deshaun Watson is “the guy” and before he leaves Clemson, he will have set numerous records and taken the program to new heights that will remain with Clemson fans for years to come.

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