Clemson football: Bryan Bresee is in a league of his own

In case we have not written about it enough at Rubbing the Rock, we thought we would tell you one more time just how unfair sophomore Clemson football defensive tackle Brian Bresee is.

If there was ever a player at a high-profile program that was somehow both a big deal and underrated at the same time it would be Bresee. As we wrote a year ago, before he ever took a snap for Clemson football, he will be the greatest defensive tackle to ever put on the orange and purple.

In case you do not have social media and did not see his simple yet jaw-dropping media day outtake, enjoy the simple yet unbelievable 10-second clip.

People do not seem to understand that this should not be possible for someone 6-foot-5 and a biscuit over 300 pounds.

Yes, he is better than any previous Clemson football defensive tackle

Clemson football fans get really bent out of shape when you say something like this and take it as a derogatory comment toward players of the past – when in fact we are paying homage to guys of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s and telling you he is better than those who were once considered the greatest Tigers.

That is part of sports. Every generation has guys that they think are better than those of yesteryear but at 41, I am old enough to remember some of the all-time greats and say without a doubt that Bryan Bresee is far better.

That should not be a shock if you watch him either.

Jeff Bryant, Jim Stuckey, Rob Bodine, Carlos Watkins, Christian Wilkins, the Perry brothers, and Big Dex are all among the greats to ever represent Clemson football and were at one point the greatest to ever play their position but if you were to take what made them all great and create a player a scientific lab, the result would Bresee.

In 2021, Bresee has a chance to make a statement and throw his hat in the ring for the Top draftable player in 2023. His size, speed, athletic ability, hands, and football IQ are something that NFL coaches are drooling over and by the end of the year, he will be a household name.

In the history of Clemson football, only six Tigers have ever been named a first-team All-American at the defensive tackle position; there is no doubt that Bryan Bresee will be number seven in 2021.