Clemson football: One offensive line impressed Saturday in Death Valley

The Clemson football offensive line has to get better in 2021 if the Tigers are going to make it to Lucas Oil Field and be the next team that is crowned national champions in that building.

On Saturday during the Orange and White game, everyone healthy played – scholarship, walk-on, it didn’t matter. Because of the way that Clemson football head coach runs his spring scrimmage, it is hard to gauge anything as guys who will play the most together, rarely see the field together in the annual April scrimmage.

However, looking at the 10 predominant guys that played on the offensive line, there were a clear five that were better than the other five, and that needs to be the offensive line that starts to see more time together.

The Clemson football offensive line has lacked punch for several years.

If we are being completely honest the 2015 offensive line was the best that the Tigers have had since the late 90s/early 00s.

Even the title teams in 2016 and 2018 didn’t have the best offensive line to work with, they just had elite talent all around them – especially on defense and that was able to cover up a lot of the issues. The OL over the last five seasons has lacked the “punch” that elite offensive lines have to have; road-graders and nasty guys who love getting after that a** (G.A.T.A.)

On Saturday, the White squad featured Marcus Tate, Paul Tchio, Hunter Rayburn, Will Putnam, and Walker Parks. They showed the toughness and grittiness that we have not seen in a long time from this group. The young guys on this group showed exactly what we thought we were getting from them when they signed over the last couple of years.

The Orange squad featured Bryn Tucker, Mayes, Jordan McFadden, Mason Trotter, and John Williams. This group was less than stellar – especially in the run game. A lot is going to be expected from McFadden as he moves from right tackle to left and he has a lot to show over the five months as we work toward the kickoff in Charlotte.

This offseason is going to be very important for Clemson football and one in which must be utilized in order to develop a true two-deep offensive line that will be much needed in 2021.