Clemson football: How Tigers might have LSU-Bama style offense in 2021

How Clemson football might have an LSU/Bama style offense in 2021

If you’ve noticed anything about the previous two National Championship winners in Alabama and LSU, you’ve noticed that they won the ‘golden scepter’ based on their historically explosive offensive attacks.

In 2019, LSU absolutely carved up the defenses that it played on the way to a National Championship. The Tigers scored more than 35 points in 14 of their 15 games during that season and they scored more than 50 six times, including in their CFB Playoff semifinal matchup against Oklahoma.

In 2020, Alabama did much of the same. With Mac Jones at the helm, the Crimson Tide scored more than 35 points in every single game they played except the CFB Playoff semifinal game against Notre Dame, where they put up 31 points. Bama hung at least 50 points on seven opponents, including Ohio State in the National Championship game.

What did these two teams have in common in how their high-powered offenses went about attacking defenses? Well, it’s two-fold:

  1. They were pass-first oriented and set record marks for passer efficiency
  2. They didn’t care what the defense gave them, they attacked using their talented playmakers

If Clemson football is going to win a National Championship, that’s the formula to getting the job done

The truth of the matter is that both LSU and Alabama proved to be basically unstoppable when it came to trying to slow them down.

When you’ve got teams putting up 40 and 50 points in the CFB Playoff against elite defenses (Clemson & Ohio State), you can see that there simply was no stopping them.

Believe it or not, Clemson has the potential to have that type of offense in 2021.

The Tigers have one of the nation’s best quarterbacks in D.J. Uiagalelei taking over at the helm and there is a belief among Clemson football fans that the Tigers will be more pass-oriented this season with him and the stable of wide receivers that they’re going to have at their disposal.

If you can let Uiagalelei turn it loose, there’s no telling what this offense is capable of achieving. He has the playmakers in the passing game to get the job done and that- as we have seen from LSU and Alabama- is the path to success for the Tigers.

Come out passing and force the defense’s hand instead of waiting to see what they give you. If the Tigers do that, they could have a historically-great offensive unit in 2021.