Clemson football: D.J. Uiagalelei has strongest arm in Tiger history

D.J. Uiagalelei has strongest arm in Clemson football history

The Clemson football program has been on an absolute roll at the quarterback position for the last half-decade.

The Tigers first brought in 4-star Deshaun Watson, who ended up leading the Tigers to their first National Championship in 30 years, and finished his career with two ACC Championships. Following Watson, there was a short stint of Kelly Bryant– who won an ACC Championship & led Clemson to a CFB Playoff appearance- before phenom Trevor Lawrence won the position over.

As a freshman, Lawrence led the Clemson football team to a perfect 15-0 season that included a conference title and a National Championship. He would go on to lose just two games in his career, lead the Tigers to three-straight ACC Championships and CFB Playoff appearances.

And now- as Lawrence prepares to be drafted No. 1 overall & Watson continues to cement his status as a top-five quarterback in the league- it’s time for yet another star-studded QB to take over as the new face of the Clemson football program.

Out of all the quarterbacks in Clemson football history, D.J. Uiagalelei (the No. 1 QB in the nation in 2020) has the strongest arm.

Welcome to the ‘Big Cinco Era’ of Clemson football

Trevor Lawrence once threw a ball 73 yards in the air during a QB competition in high school. Talk about an absolute cannon, right?

What about D.J. Uiagalelei? 85 yards in the air. 

That amount of pure arm strength is why Uiagalelei had an opportunity to play professional baseball. His arm talent is just so much more impressive than what you can understand by watching highlights or seeing him in warmups and we got a little taste of that during the 2020 season when he threw for nearly 800 yards in two games and accounted for six touchdowns.

Ultimately, there’s no telling what the Uiagalelei Era will hold.

He has basically two years as the starter in which we very well could see him win a National Championship (or two) and win the Heisman Trophy. All of that is on the table when you look at Uiagalelei’s pure talent and potential. We can’t pretend to know if that potential will be reached, but when you look at all the intangibles and his pure talent, you’ve got to like the chances.

Uiagalelei can make throws that only Trevor Lawrence could make, and he makes it look easy.

It’s going to be fun to watch him play and see how he progresses, but one thing is for sure: Clemson is in good hands with their new strong-armed QB at the helm.