Clemson football: ACC should work to lock down Notre Dame long-term

Could Clemson football have some more competition in the ACC moving forward?

It’s easy for Clemson football fans to look at Notre Dame and the way the Tigers manhandled the Irish in the ACC Championship game and to utter two simple words: ‘Good riddance.’

Notre Dame has made it clear- at least so far- that the 2020 season was just a one-time thing and that they are moving back to their status of an ‘Independent’ for the foreseeable future.

However, if you’re the ACC, this offseason should be filled with negotiations and tactics to attempt to get the Irish to join the league on a full-time basis.

Clemson football would benefit from ACC locking down Notre Dame long-term as full member

Outside of the CFB Playoff- where viewership was actually down this year– do you know what the two most-watched games of the 2020 season were?

It was Clemson-Notre Dame on Nov. 7 followed by Clemson-Notre Dame on Dec. 19. The viewership for those two games were more than Georgia-Alabama, Alabama-Florida, Ohio State-Northwestern, Oklahoma-Texas, Georgia-Florida, etc.

More viewership leads to more money and that’s exactly why Clemson football- and the rest of the ACC- would benefit from Notre Dame joining the league on a full-time basis.

It would be a beneficial move for the Fighting Irish, as well, who aren’t going to have near the amount of clout moving forward with the CFB Playoff committee after another embarrassing elimination from the semifinals. Plus, believe it or not, Notre Dame would actually generate more revenue by getting shares of the ACC Network during football season and sharing NBC money than by just getting the NBC money, believe it or not.

Not only is money a major factor, but it’s also an added boost to perception.

When Notre Dame’s in the league, you’re talking about a program that has history. Even in the years when they’re not good, they stay overrated. Having that kind of win on your resume (even if it’s against an overinflated team) can give you a little bit of cushion if you lose a matchup you’re not supposed to.

The marriage between the ACC and Notre Dame went off without a hitch this season and there’s no reason for that not to become a permanent deal moving forward.