Clemson football: Why Alabama should give Tigers hope for future

Why Alabama should give Clemson football hope for the future

Some analysts want to believe that the Clemson football program has hit its breaking point, but Alabama should show Tiger fans there’s hope for the future.

It wasn’t that long ago that we were seeing Clemson get dismantled at the hands of Ohio State in the CFB Playoff semifinals. However, the Buckeyes were beaten soundly Monday evening by the Alabama Crimson Tide and, with the victory, Bama has now won six National Championships under Nick Saban’s leadership.

So, how does Alabama’s National Championship win give Clemson football hope for the future? It’s pretty simple.

A loss to Clemson football had many preemptively digging Alabama’s grave

Do you remember when Clemson beat Alabama 44-16 in the National Championship two years ago? There were thousands of fans and analysts who had officially put a close on the Crimson Tide’s dynasty.

People- Clemson football fans included- had written the Tide off for dead and it looked as if Saban’s time in the throne had finally come to an end after a decade of domination.

Alabama missed the CFB Playoff in the following 2019 season and that only added fuel to the fire that the Tide were going up in flames.

As Lee Corso would say: Not so fast, my friend.

Just when it seemed as if that program’s time had past, the 2020 season came around and the dominance was shown once again.

No one could doubt the amount of talent that Alabama was still bringing in and the coaching capacities led by Nick Saban.

Now, though many want to believe that Clemson is going to just go away, it’s much of the same. The Tigers still have one of the best head coaches in the nation in Dabo Swinney. They still have potentially the best staff from top-to-bottom and they are still bringing in talent at a high rate. As a matter of fact, they’ve recruited better in the last few years than they were when they began their CFB Playoff run.

It’s easy to wallow in sorrow and to think that it’s all over. We’re not denying that Swinney and this entire Clemson football program has work to do over the next several months, but the fact still remains: The Tigers are still elite. The Tigers are still contenders. And the Tigers aren’t going anywhere.

There’s only been one program to consistently compete with Alabama and it’s Clemson. That’s not going away just because of a couple of bad postseason losses.