Big names are telling Deshaun Watson to leave Houston Texans

Big names are telling Deshaun Watson to leave Houston Texans

Former Clemson QB Deshaun Watson has been trending over the last following reports that he may request to be traded from the Houston Texans after he just signed a lucrative four-year deal worth $156 million back in September.

The biggest reason why Deshaun Watson is rumored to be thinking about requesting a trade has to do with his dissatisfaction with the Texans’ front-office.

Reportedly, the Texans told Watson that he’d have a voice in the matter of who the team hired at both GM and head coach, but then they hired Nick Caserio without even telling him.

Though the Texans may have put out the fire by changing course and choosing to interview Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy- who is the pick Deshaun Watson is rumored to want as his next head coach- there are still many discussions pertaining to Watson’s future and where he may end up.

Texans legend Andre Johnson has been vocal in what he believes Deshaun Watson should do

Johnson posted on Twitter earlier this week that he believes Watson should stand his ground. He also went on to basically trash the Texans organization as a whole.

Deandre Hopkins chimed in on the matter, as well as several others.

The overwhelming odds are that Watson stays in Houston.

Watson hasn’t made a trade request and much of this could’ve very well been done on his front to make sure that his voice is heard as the franchise moves forward.

Watson has been nothing but loyal to that city and organization since he arrived and there’s no doubt that losing him would be the biggest loss in Texans history, in my opinion.

Clemson football fans still want to see Watson elsewhere just because of the failing nature of the Texans’ front-office, but perhaps this stint will change the culture and how things are evaluated for the Texans moving forward.