Speculation abounds that Deshaun Watson is unhappy with Houston Texans

Speculation abounds that Deshaun Watson is unhappy with Houston Texans

Former Clemson QB Deshaun Watson has not had the run with the Houston Texans that we all were hoping for as of yet.

Watson has continued to develop over the last couple of years and, as a result, has become the unquestioned leader and face of the franchise in Houston. He just recently signed a four-year deal worth $156 million, but it hasn’t exactly been a ‘walk in the park.’

Deshaun Watson finished the 2020 season as the NFL’s passing champion- throwing for 4,823 yards and 33 touchdowns to just seven interceptions- but the Texans finished with an abysmal 4-12 record and they don’t even have a first-round pick in this coming spring’s draft.

Though the Texans made the right decision in finally firing Bill O’Brien, the franchise also shipped off Deandre Hopkins- one of the league’s best receivers- for basically nothing in return.

All of these poor decisions have made Clemson football fans grow sour on the organization and there is speculation that Deshaun Watson is also upset after the latest rumors.

Could Deshaun Watson be referring to the Texans’ latest reported decision?

Watson tweeted ‘some things never change‘ on Tuesday night and drew a ton of attention because of the timing of his tweet.

It was reported earlier Tuesday that the Texans were hiring Nick Caserio from the New England Patriots to become their next GM. The Houston Chronicle’s Jerome Solomon wrote a column calling the move ‘the same old Texans.’

According to the column written by Solomon, a search firm gave the Texans five candidates they recommended for the job and the franchise still chose to hire Caserio, who wasn’t one of those names. For those that don’t remember, Bill O’Brien was from the Patriots, as well, and we see how that worked out.

Just a day earlier, Deshaun Watson told the media that the entire franchise needed a ‘culture shift.’ 

Watson is clearly dedicated to making this Texans franchise succeed, but it’s tough to do so when he doesn’t have any help around him and the front office continues to make bad decision after bad decision.

It’s not a great situation right now and we can all hope for the best, but no one could blame Watson if he was a little frustrated with the franchise and how they’ve wasted his years to this point.