Clemson football players unhappy about FSU game being postponed day-of

Clemson football players unhappy about FSU game being postponed day-of

The Clemson football team was set to play a game on Saturday against Florida State, but it was postponed just three hours before kickoff time, the ACC announced Saturday morning.

The Tigers had already made the trip down to Tallahassee and everything seemed to be medically-cleared for a game, but the decision was made not to play the game after the two teams’ medical personnel were ‘unable to mutually agree on moving forward with the game.’

The ACC also said in the release that ‘both teams continue to adhere to the minimum outlined protocols within the ACC Medical Advisory Group report.’

David Hood of Tigernet reported shortly after the announcement that the postponement- for whatever reason- was coming from the FSU sideline, not from Clemson’s.

Clemson football players were obviously disappointed in the decision.

Clemson football deserves an explanation for why the game was postponed

Florida State has suffered several injuries and opt outs, but it wouldn’t make sense for those to be the reason for a day-of postponement, as nothing changed with those injuries from Saturday to earlier in the week.

It certainly has to be frustrating from a Clemson football player’s perspective to travel all the way down to Tallahassee, prepare all week for a game after a bye week and then be told just hours beforehand that you’re going to have to pack up and head home without playing a game.

Clemson plays Pittsburgh next week at home for Senior Day and then will travel to Virginia Tech on Dec. 5. The Tigers and Seminoles both have an opening on Dec. 12- the weekend before the ACC Championship- to play.

It will be interesting to see what happens as the story unfolds and we gain more details over the next few hours and days.