Deshaun Watson should’ve never signed with Texans long-term

Deshaun Watson should’ve never signed with Houston Texans long-term

If we could have one Christmas wish- as the Holiday season is approaching- pertaining to Clemson Tigers in the NFL, it would be that Deshaun Watson never signed that long-term deal with Houston.

There’s no doubt that Deshaun Watson is beloved by the Clemson football fan base and we were absolutely happy for him when he signed that massive 4-year, $160 million extension earlier this offseason. There’s no doubt that he deserves every single penny and that he is going to be one of the best quarterbacks in the league for quite some time.

That being said, we wish he’d have held out.

The more we see from the Texans, the less of a successful outcome we see for Deshaun Watson

We all know that Watson is going to be successful and that he is set with this new contract. There’s also the understanding that had he not signed that extension, there would be no guarantee for anything in the future.

That being said, when you look at this just from the football perspective, it is certainly disappointing.

Deshaun Watson has graded consistently high in every single game this season, but he has absolutely no help around him. The Texans traded away their best offensive playmaker– the top WR in the league- in Deandre Hopkins for basically nothing in return. Houston didn’t even get a draft pick.

And now Hopkins is making plays like this…

While Watson is sitting at 2-7 and firmly out of contention. The Texans fired GM & coach Bill O’Brien and that’s a step in the right direction, but you just can’t keep yourself from thinking about what could’ve been.

What if the Texans had valued Hopkins- the league’s best playmaker- and made him a priority? What if they at least got something of value in return? What if Houston had made better decisions in free agency and the draft in the past three, four, five years and actually had built pieces around Watson even prior to his arrival?

This is an organization that simply doesn’t know how to win. They’ve got a winning quarterback, so something has to give, but it just makes you wonder: What if.

There’s no doubt that Watson made the decision that was best for him, but you just wonder what things could’ve been like if he had chose to leave that franchise and go play elsewhere when he had the chance- it just would’ve been a year later- that could’ve given him a chance to win at the highest level.