The Texans don’t appreciate Deshaun Watson and they could not make it clearer


Clemson fans everywhere are fiercely loyal to Deshaun Watson, not just because of what he accomplished on the field but more importantly who he is off the field.

If you are a Clemson football fan and don’t know much about the NFL, you should know this – Deshaun Watson is employed by arguably the worst run franchise in the NFL and is coached by the worst head coach in the NFL as well, Bill O’Brien.

O’Brien is also the general manager for the Texans and today he traded away Watson’s favorite target and former Clemson player DeAndre Hopkins. Trades happen all the time, but what makes this so bad is he was Deshaun’s ONLY playmaker on offense.

The Texans have arguably the worst offensive line in football as seen by Deshaun getting hit more than 150 times in 2019 while dropping back to pass and now the one guy he could count on every game to show up and show out was traded for essentially a second-round pick.

Deshaun Watson lost the second-best receiver in the league (Julio Jones is one) and he lost him for basically a ham sandwich. We have seen too many great quarterbacks go their entire careers without help and playing for a franchise that just does not get it.

When Coach Swinney said Deshaun was Michael Jordan, he was serious and we all know why, but even Michael needed Scottie. Deshaun cannot be great if the Texans are not going to help him out and surround him with anything but mediocre NFL talent. Deshaun carrying the Texans to the playoffs as he did in 2019 was an amazing feat then they reward him by getting rid of his guy.

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Imagine the 49ers trading Jerry Rice in his prime or the Cardinals trading Larry Fitzgerald in his. Things like that just do not happen unless a player wants out; Deshaun should ask for a trade and go somewhere where the front office will appreciate him and what he brings to the table.

It is painfully obvious that the Texans do not.