Clemson Football: Syracuse’s Upset Checklist vs. Tigers

The Clemson football team enters the game against Syracuse as a big-time favorite

The Clemson football team will enter its contest against the Syracuse Orange as a heavy 42.5-point favorite at home, and that may be underselling.

Of the teams that have played this season, Clemson football has easily shown to be the most complete. The Tigers have a dominant defense with pieces all over the field combined with an offense that is led by two of the best players in the nation in Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne.

If that weren’t enough, this team is also playing at an extremely high level. The first three games of the season, the Tigers showed some vulnerability and had a few areas in which they needed to improve. The last two games, though- both of which were blowout victories over Miami and Georgia Tech- Clemson looked basically invincible.

That being said, it doesn’t mean the Tigers can’t be upset if they don’t prepare and focus as they should. Here’s a look at the things that would need to happen for Syracuse to pull off the unthinkable.

Syracuse’s upset checklist against Clemson football

  • Clemson has to come out unfocused or disinterested, perhaps still resting on the past couple of week’s results and what analysts have been saying about them.
  • Syracuse will need to force multiple turnovers and remain turnover free.
  • QB Rex Culpepper has to have the game of his lifetime
  • Syracuse will have to hope there are breakdowns between Trevor Lawrence and his receivers
  • Get Clemson frustrated offensively and keep the defense on the field
  • Even with all these things, you’ll still need some luck to bounce your way

Let’s be honest here, it’s a longshot for Syracuse to even stay close with Clemson for longer than a half, much less pull off an epic upset.

The Orange have beaten the Tigers and competed with them in the past, but this is a much different team with not near the amount of talent offensively or physicality defensively.

Anything can happen, but that’s a long list of things that would have to fall into place just for Syracuse to have a shot.

It’s not to say it’s not possible, but it is to say it’d be one of the most shocking developments of 2020. And that’s saying something.