Clemson football: Brent Venables is going to work over Jeff Sims

Clemson football will have something for Jeff Sims Saturday in Atlanta.

Georgia Tech freshman quarterback Jeff Sims is coming into the game against Clemson football feeling really confident about where he is in his first season.

Take nothing away from Sims, who has been the ACC Rookie of the Week twice so far in 2020, he has been exciting to watch for the fans at the North Avenue trade school. While he is feeling really good, he also has not faced a defensive coordinator like Brent Venables.

Let’s rewind a week as Clemson football welcomed the Miami Hurricanes and senior quarterback D’Eriq King into Death Valley. King had taken college football by storm – Vegas declared him the Heisman Trophy favorite and he was finally going to be able to help Miami score a touchdown against Clemson, which they had not done since 2010.

Very few quarterbacks fair well against Clemson football and Brent Venables.

As we now know, Miami had just 200 yards of offense and nine first downs and King accounted for all but 11 yards. Miami scored a garbage touchdown late against the Clemson football third-team defense and King left Clemson as pedestrian as he was during his three years at Houston.

That same fate awaits Jeff Sims on Saturday in Bobby Dodd stadium.

Brent Venables is relentless. Despite his success, he still seeks to be educated and wants to know what other defenses around the country are doing to be successful. He isn’t satisfied with his defenses being good, he expects them to be elite, regardless of personnel.

Brent very rarely uses the same game plan twice. He studies film and keys in on the weaknesses of the opposing offense and exposes them week in and week out.

There is no doubt that if Sims continues to develop, he will be among the ACC’s best in the near future, but Saturday afternoon will be a game he will hope to forget by late Saturday night.