Ticked off Trevor Lawrence is the best version of Trevor Lawrence

Ticked off Trevor Lawrence is the best version of Trevor Lawrence

There are plenty of versions of Trevor Lawrence to fall in love with, but the ticked off version has to be the best of the best.

Though the Miami Hurricanes came into Death Valley looking for a major upset, Trevor Lawrence was having absolutely none of it.

Miami laid in a few hits and the Canes defense was talking trash throughout the night. It didn’t take for Lawrence to join in on the action.

As the game progressed, Lawrence became frustrated and on the brink of infuriation as Miami continued to come in with hard hits on him and his teammates, seemingly head-hunting the quarterback.

All of that came to a head when Miami laid in a targeting on Lawrence as he was back to pass on a play near midfield. After sitting out a play, Lawrence came back into the game and led his team down the field. Ultimately, he elected to call his own number near the goal line and powered his way into the end zone, taking yet another helmet hit from a Canes player.

In front of the entire nation, Trevor Lawrence was having none of it.

Lawrence got up and spiked the ball right on the Miami defender, giving him an earful after putting Clemson up 35-10 with 2:31 remaining in the third quarter.

Trevor Lawrence is the best player in the nation and Miami messed with the wrong quarterback

It takes a lot to make Lawrence angry, but when he does there’s no doubt that it’s his best version.

Lawrence is not afraid of anything and he’s not going to back down.

Though Miami was teeing off on him at times and talking trash throughout the game, Lawrence stepped up to the task and made sure it was known that he wasn’t going to take it.

That mentality is just another asset that NFL Scouts have already fallen in love with pertaining to the Clemson QB and what he’s going to bring to the next level.

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It’s special to see and Clemson football fans need to appreciate what we are seeing in the leadership and mentality of Trevor Lawrence.