Clemson football: “WRU” brotherhood is real

Clemson football is “WRU” and that brotherhood extends even after they leave.

Former Clemson football star wide receivers Mike Williams and Deandre Hopkins never actually played on the same team at Clemson. One could argue without Hopkins and Sammy Watkins, Mike Williams may never have become a Tiger, to begin with.

Mike Williams third season in the NFL was an outstanding one. He started all 15 games he appeared in for the Los Angeles Chargers and caught 49 balls for 1001 yards; Williams led all NFL receivers as he averaged more than 20 yards per reception in 2019. His highlight tape from 2019 is an outstanding one.

Friday afternoon, The Checkdown tweeted out Mike Williams 2019 highlights, and Hopkins himself had to chime in and let everyone know that Mike Williams was a Top 10 receiver in the NFL.

Hopkins is considered to be among the top three receivers in the league, usually talked about when players like Julio Jones and Mike Thomas are mentioned so when one of the elites in the league gives a compliment like that, people should listen.

Overall, Mike Williams has had a rough start to his NFL career as he has missed 27 of the possible 48 games and has just 21 total starts. He has accumulated 103 receptions for a total of 1,760 yards and 12 touchdowns. Heading into 2020, it seems like Mike Williams is back to being the playmaker that he showed Clemson fans for several years that enticed the Chargers to take him at seventh overall in the 2017 NFL draft.

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While Mike Williams was not among the former Clemson football players that were selected to the NFL Top 100 last week, he is on his way to becoming a Top 10 receiver in the NFL and should one day soon have his name mentioned among the current greats in the game just like Hopkins.

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