Clemson football: BIG boost could be coming soon for 2021 class

In just 48 hours, Clemson football could get a BIG boost in recruiting.

The 2021 Clemson football recruiting class has had some major bumps over the last couple of months as they lost two of the top 50 football recruits in America. First, just a month after getting his tiger tattoo and declaring he was “100 percent all-in” top recruit Korey Foreman de-committed and then just two weeks ago, defensive back Jordan Hancock did the same.

This is the first recruiting cycle since 2014 that Clemson football has lost two or more commitments in the same cycle. That year, Dalvin Cook and Dylan Sumner-Gardner both de-committed. Between 2015 and 2020, the Tigers did not have a single non-academic related football recruit de-commit.

Despite tumbling from the second-best class in the country, down to the number nine overall, Clemson still maintains the second-best per player rating in the country, just behind Ohio State.

However, all of that can change Tuesday night when the nation’s seventh-best defensive tackle and 80th best player, Payton Page, makes his college decision.

Clemson football is considered a lock for Page

There is no such thing as a guarantee in college football recruiting. Fans have to remember that we are talking about 17 and 18-year-old young men, who quite frequently change their minds. That said, all of the recruiting experts at 247Sports have all listed Clemson as the final destination for the services of Page.

Here is what 247Sports has to say about Payton Page –

Extremely large, big-framed prospect. Has continued to add mass over the course of his junior season. One of the bigger defensive linemen you’ll see in the 2021 cycle. Is a strong and naturally nimble athlete capable of making impressive plays behind the line of scrimmage. Shows the ability to push the pocket and overwhelm offensive linemen at the point of attack. Can also use his short area quickness to close on the quarterback or ball carrier.

Should Page decide to become part of the Clemson family Tuesday evening, this would be a big boost to the Clemson football 2021 class and help to calm fears and rumors that have circulated around this program over the last six weeks.