Sorry SEC, an offer from Clemson simply means more

Sorry SEC, a scholarship offer from Clemson simply means more

Say what you want to about Clemson playing in the ACC or what the Tigers would or wouldn’t be able to do in the SEC, no one can argue the dominance that Dabo Swinney has instilled in his program.

Over the last half-decade, Clemson has played in four National Championship games and won two of them. The Tigers have won five-straight ACC Championships and have competed in five-straight CFB Playoffs.

While every other program across the nation- other than Alabama- tries to play ‘catch-up’ with Clemson, the Tigers are doing things we’ve never seen before.

Dabo Swinney is keeping his staff in place and they are both recruiting and developing at a level higher than anyone in the nation.

Oh, and they’re doing it in a more efficient manor.

While the vast majority of College Football programs across the country are dishing out scholarship offers left-and-right, Clemson is continuing to pick and choose its targets. The Tigers aren’t just offering players because of their talent, they are evaluating every area of that recruit’s life.

The result? A Clemson offer just means more

Let’s take a look at the total number offers Clemson has given out over each of the last few recruiting cycles and the future ones, as well.

  • 2018: 112
  • 2019: 162
  • 2020: 106
  • 2021 (current): 70
  • 2022: 27

Keeping 2022 out of it simply because it’s a future cycle, that’s an average of 112.5 offers per recruiting cycle.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most prominent SEC programs in the nation, as well as the Tigers’ rival, and their offers in the same amount of time, just for reference.

Alabama Crimson Tide

  • 2018: 278
  • 2019: 287
  • 2020: 253
  • 2021 (current): 221
  • 2022: 131

Not counting the 2022 cycle (just as we did above), Alabama has made an average of 259.8 offers per recruiting cycle.

LSU Tigers

  • 2018: 248
  • 2019: 245
  • 2020: 317
  • 2021 (current): 273
  • 2022: 146

Since 2018, LSU has made an average of 270.8 offers per recruiting cycle.

Georgia Bulldogs

  • 2018: 294
  • 2019: 286
  • 2020: 267
  • 2021 (current): 241
  • 2022: 112

Since 2018, Georgia has made an average of 272 offers per recruiting cycle.

South Carolina

  • 2018: 245
  • 2019: 241
  • 2020: 223
  • 2021 (current): 269
  • 2022: 120

Since 2018, South Carolina has made an average of 244.5 offers per recruiting cycle.

You can do this exercise with programs across the country and you’ll find the same result.

Clemson is doing more with less. The Tigers are offering their top targets and hitting on them more times than not.

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It’s not a matter of discussion. An offer from Dabo Swinney’s crew simply means more.

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