Clemson football players stand up for Dabo Swinney

Dabo Swinney Clemson Tigers (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Dabo Swinney Clemson Tigers (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images) /

Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney has faced much criticism over the last week

Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney has been the subject of criticism across many platforms around the nation over the course of the last week.

It all started last Monday when Swinney held a press conference and spoke in broad terms about the current situation when it comes to race relations in the country. Swinney said he looked at things through the perspective of his faith and that he believed the best way he could dictate change is to focus on helping encourage and develop his players so that they can go out in communities across the nation and make change.

Many national analysts and outlets said that the Clemson football coach’s remarks ‘missed the mark.’

A day after the press-conference, former Clemson walk-on Kanyon Tuttle brought to light a situation involving Assistant Coach Danny Pearman three years ago. Tuttle alleged that the Clemson Assistant had called a player a racial slur and that there were no repercussions.

Tight End D.J. Greenlee, who was the player involved, spoke with The State’s Matt Connolly and said that Pearman was correcting him for using the word and the assistant apologized. Per the report, it was never addressed with the whole team, though, and many reporters expected Swinney to release a statement as Pearman did, but he remained quiet.

In a recent appearance of WJOX radio in Alabama, SEC Network Analyst Paul Finebaum called Swinney’s handling of the situation and silence “terrible.”

"“Dabo Swinney can choose to do what he wants to do, but I can tell you from reasonable people, he looks terrible right now,” Finebaum said. “There’s also no getting around the fact that Dabo Swinney has been silent for almost a week at a time in our country when silence is abhorrent.”"

Former, current Clemson players are sticking up for Dabo Swinney’s character

Despite many questioning Swinney and his motives, there has been nothing but an outpouring of support from many former and current Clemson football players.

Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence defended Swinney following a picture on social media of him wearing a shirt with the words ‘Football Matters.’

Other Tigers- and their family members- came out in support of Swinney when it came to several of the different situations and accusations that the coach has faced.

Former Clemson QB Tajh Boyd appeared on the Golic and Wingo Show last week and offered his defense of Swinney, as well.

"“What he said I believe is sincere,” Boyd said. “Coach Swinney loves at such a deep level. It’s hard for him to sometimes see what everything looks like. But the most important thing is he takes heed to what’s being said and he listens. If you look at his surrounding cast, some of his most wise council are African-American men. There are coaches within his circle and people on his staff that can help him understanding the conversation being had right now. People are fighting and screaming for acknowledgement.”"

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There are questions that may need answers and there are people from outside the program who are mounting up against Swinney, but one thing’s for sure: It certainly looks like he has the support of many of his players- the people who know him best.