Clemson Football: 5 Tigers with the best chance at the Ring of Honor

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Clemson football national championship

Five Clemson football players who have a chance to be Ring of Honor inductees

The Clemson football program, under the leadership of Dabo Swinney, has seen its fair share of talent come through over the past decade.

The Tigers have put numerous draft picks into the NFL and have seen more All-American honors in this decade than any other time.

As we look back at some of the Clemson football players who have come through the program- both past and present- here are five Tigers who have a chance to be inducted into the Ring of Honor.

The Ring of Honor is the highest honor bestowed on a Clemson athlete. For a player to be inducted into the Ring of Honor, they have to graduate from Clemson, have been an outstanding athlete on-the-field and made a major impact for their respective program off-the-field, as well. Clemson football players who are inducted into the Ring of Honor have their name posted in Death Valley.

5. Tajh Boyd

Was Tajh Boyd the best quarterback to come through program? No. But statistically speaking, he holds about every record you could have.

Boyd didn’t win a National Championship and he never beat in-state rival South Carolina, but he was still instrumental in a way that possibly no other player was for taking this program to the next level.

Boyd is still the career-leader in passing yards, passing touchdowns and total offense for Clemson football and he was named an All-American twice. Boyd helped guide the Tigers to their first ACC Championship in more than two decades and was instrumental in several big wins, including the Chick-fil-A Bowl win over LSU and the Orange Bowl victory over Ohio State- the Tigers’ first and only BCS Bowl win.

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