Clemson football: Tigers would dominate ACC, SEC, and Big XII super conference

Clemson football would thrive in regional college football play.

There are swirling rumors that the ACC, SEC, and Big XII could join forces for a year and set up 10 game regional schedule and that is exactly what Clemson football needs.

While this is actually a longshot to happen, it would end up creating some of the best matchups college football has seen in quite some time and would make the season more riveting that it has been in some years. Because the Pac 12 and Big Ten have gone to the conference only schedules for 2020, college football needs to add some big games back to the schedule that has now been lost with the canceling of games such as Ohio State and Oregon.

Putting Clemson in a region with UGA, Florida, Florida State, South Carolina, and Miami is the type of schedule that the Tigers would dominate and make them arguably the greatest team of all time. The 2020 team is loaded and is the most talented team Clemson has ever fielded.

Clemson football would get to prove its worth against the nation’s heavyweights

Florida and UGA are expected to battle for the SEC East in 2020, Miami and FSU are expected to be better and South Carolina doesn’t matter but it’s an intrastate rivalry game that has to be played regardless of how bad the Gamecocks will be.

Despite losing just five games in the last five years, Clemson football has had to listen to college football fans and media downplay their domination. We have had to listen to naysayers claim the Tigers couldn’t run through the “gauntlet” of SEC teams week in and week out…you now the SEC schedule that saw 2018 Alabama not play a winning SEC team in back to back weeks.

Imagine what would happen to Clemson football recruiting if they were able to play against the teams mentioned above. While Clemson wins their fair share of recruiting battles against these teams, beating them on national TV would help them close even more than they do now.

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While this more than likely will not happen, an ACC, SEC and Big XII joint venture for 2020 would be the type of spice that college football fans have been asking for over the last decade.