Clemson Football: Ohio State rivalry is only going to be amplified in 2020

Clemson football fans have a new rivalry brewing

The Clemson football team may not have won the National Championship last season, but the Tigers still reeled off one of the most historic wins in program history when they rallied from behind to beat the Ohio State Buckeyes in the Playstation Fiesta Bowl.

Despite the Tigers coming away with the win, Buckeyes fans have maintained the position that Clemson didn’t really win the game, but the officials gave the game away.

Of course, this leaves out the fact that Ohio State led with less than two minutes left and ‘the greatest defense in Buckeye history’ was absolutely carved up by Trevor Lawrence on a 94-yard drive that proved to be the game-winner.

That being said, it’s nearly July, and Ohio State fans still haven’t let the loss go.

No matter what is said about Clemson football, you can be sure that Ohio state fans will be all over it. In many ways, it seems the Buckeye faithful keep up with the Tigers more than they do their own team.

The rivalry is only going to increase for Clemson football this time around

As much as Clemson football fans are annoyed by Ohio State fans, the truth is that they’re not going anywhere.

The Buckeyes are the second-best team in the nation- just behind Clemson- coming into this season and they’re going to be heavily favored and expected to get back to the CFB Playoff.

And that’s why this rivalry is only going to get worse as the season progresses.

Can you imagine a Clemson- Ohio State rematch in the National Championship this season? Can you imagine the amount of arguing and shot-taking that would take place leading into that game?

Well, the honest truth is that we’re already starting now. Clemson and Ohio State fans are going to be constantly going back-and-forth throughout the 2020 season.

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Why? Because both programs know what they’re destined for. This rivalry is just starting to heat up and it’s going to be amplified a lot more before it subsides.

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