Clemson football: Tigers have advantage with NCAA dead period extension

Clemson football is better prepared for the unprecedented period we are currently experiencing with COVID-19 than most other programs around the country.

When a team wins one national title like Clemson football did in 2016, people congratulate you, smile, and then go back to ignoring you. When you win a second in three years, people start to take notice and take notes on what you are doing differently.

When you have played for four national titles in five seasons, not only do they take notes but the also find ways to knock you down. However, it seems as if head coach Dabo Swinney had the foresight to build his program for what is currently going on around us.

Last Thursday, the Divison I council, voted to extend the current recruiting “dead period” until July 31st; this is the second extension by the Division I council.

Summer is when most kids get their offers. They attend a school’s public camp, catch the eye of the coaching staff and that is what starts the process for most kids, but especially kids that want to play for Clemson.

Clemson football does not have to sell itself to anyone

With no camps and no live recruiting period, seeing Clemson is impossible currently. Other schools need that in-person visit to sell who they are, Clemson does not. All the media coverage around the Tigers has given them an advantage that no other program has.

Even though much if it could have been perceived negatively, current and former players, as well as the coaching staff, are able to use it to tier advantage and let the masses know what Clemson is all about.

Because Clemson football does not have to sell its facilities or itself, navigating this dead period is much easier for the Clemson football staff as there is no shortage of recruits that would give anything for a Clemson offer.

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Sure, this dead period may slow things down a little bit for Clemson football but because of their success over the last 10 years and the predicted success for the next several, the Tigers are angle to navigate this unprecedented time in modern college athletics history better than most programs around the country.

It’s great to be a Clemson Tiger.

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