Could Clemson AD Dan Radakovich be John Swofford’s replacement?

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Could Clemson AD Dan Radakovich be John Swofford’s replacement?

The ACC announced Thursday morning that Commissioner John Swofford would be phasing into retirement following a run of 24 years holding the position.

Swofford, who announced that he would be retiring in June of 2021 following the 2020-21 athletic year, was instrumental in growing the ACC from nine members back in 2004 to the 15-member conference it is today.

"“It has been a privilege to be a part of the ACC for over five decades and my respect and appreciation for those associated with the league throughout its history is immeasurable,” said Swofford. “Having been an ACC student-athlete, athletics director and commissioner has been an absolute honor. There are immediate challenges that face not only college athletics, but our entire country, and I will continue to do my very best to help guide the conference in these unprecedented times through the remainder of my tenure. Nora and I have been planning for this to be my last year for some time and I look forward to enjoying the remarkable friendships and memories I’ve been blessed with long after I leave this chair.”"

Many Clemson fans were never fans of John Swofford- understandably so– and that’s why it will be extremely interesting to see who ends up replacing Swofford as the ACC looks to take continued steps towards success in the future.

Clemson Athletic Director Dan Radakovich should- at the very least- be given a call.

Radakovich has been a great leader for Clemson and the ACC

Since taking over as the Athletic Director for Clemson University, Radakovich has done nothing but promote success and excellence within the athletic programs.

He has been a great leader and has done an excellent job in decision-making when it came to coaches, facilities and much more. Radakovich has been instrumental in growing the Clemson football program.

He stepped in and brought softball to Clemson, which was one of the most successful programs in the country in terms of fan attendance during the 2020 season. He has continuously pushed for greater facilities and fostered a culture of excellence within the student-athlete population and that can’t be denied.

Radakovich would be an absolute ‘home run hire’ for the position of Conference Commissioner.

ACC will finally get to move on from John Swofford. dark. Next

The ACC may have other names in mind and it wouldn’t be surprising to see the next commissioner come from the Tobacco Road area, but there’s no reason that Radakovich shouldn’t be on the shortlist when it comes time to make a decision.