Clemson Football: NCAA set to vote on CFB training camps


Could Clemson football return to the practice field sooner rather than later?

One thing that many coaches across the country- including Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney– have pushed for is a potential early practice period that would allow programs an opportunity to install their system and make up for lost time in the spring.

Yahoo Sports’ Pete Thamel reported that the NCAA Oversight Committee is considering a proposal that would allow coaches to have access to their players for eight hours per week starting in mid-July.

While these ‘OTAs’ wouldn’t be high-impact sessions, they would allow coaches an opportunity to get their team back and to work with them a little earlier in the summer than what we normally see.

Clemson football would benefit greatly from these OTAs

There’s no doubt that Clemson football would be one of the major beneficiaries from a rule like this in the summer. The Tigers are one of many programs who are back on campus and getting more time with the players would be a great asset for the coaches.

In particularly, the coaches would have an opportunity to work with some of those young wide receivers and build depth at some of the positions- like the second-string offensive line- they need to address before the start of fall camp.

This also would allow a chance for Trevor Lawrence to gain chemistry with some of his wide receivers and give leaders a chance to develop before the grueling days of fall camp.

There’s always the concern of placing too much on the student-athlete and that’s likely the major downside when looking at this plan.

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The NCAA will have to tread lightly and find a way to not make things too hard on the athlete while also giving programs a chance to make up for lost time.