ESPN Analyst says Trevor Lawrence has a lot to prove before NFL

ESPN Analyst says Trevor Lawrence isn’t a ‘transcendent talent’

Though many consider Trevor Lawrence to be the clear-cut No. 1 overall pick in next year’s NFL Draft, one ESPN analyst believes he has a lot to prove.

ESPN Analyst Ryan Clark expressed several concerns for Trevor Lawrence on the show GetUp! Tuesday morning that would have some Clemson football fans up-in-arms.

Clark said that he believes Lawrence will be a great NFL quarterback, but that he still has a long ways to go in terms of becoming a transcendent talent.

“He has it all; he’s tall, he has a cannon, he understands the game, but being on the sideline against LSU in the national championship, he was off and he wasn’t good,” Clark said via 247 Sports. “You can speak about 394 passing yards, but I’m talking about the arrant throws. I’m speaking of having Tee Higgins, who was an early second-round pick, and Justyn Ross on the other side with Travis Etienne, and not being able to move the ball and it largely being Trevor Lawrence’s fault.”

Clark went on to say that Lawrence has everything necessary to become a game-changer at the next level, but that he hadn’t seen that out of the Clemson quarterback yet.

“Do I think he has every measurable you need? Do I think he’s going to be an excellent professional football quarterback? I do. But right now, looking at Trevor Lawrence — even though he has a transcendent talent level — I have not seen a transcendent football player.”

Trevor Lawrence is better than what some give him credit for

While it’s understandable that some were disappointed in some of the performances from Trevor Lawrence during the past season, it’s also one of those deals where it just seems that we’re placing too much on top of the quarterback.

Lawrence is expected to never make a mistake.

Because of the fact that he was so highly-touted coming out of high school, there has been no room for error for him. He’s supposed to win every game, make every throw, read every coverage correctly. And if he doesn’t, it’s somehow a knock against him.

We all know that Trevor Lawrence has areas in his game that he can improve. There’s obviously some things to clean up. But that has nothing to do with him not playing up to his talent level or anything of the like.