Four reasons a Clemson football offer means more

TALLAHASSEE, FL Dabo Swinney Clemson Tigers (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
TALLAHASSEE, FL Dabo Swinney Clemson Tigers (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

As we enter the hot days of summer, Clemson football recruiting is gearing up for the rest of 2021 and the starting of 2022.

If you ask any Clemson football fan, of course, they are going to tell you that an offer from Clemson football means something more than an offer from anywhere else in the country. Sure, some of that is because many of us wear “orange-colored glasses” but there is some actual truth to a Clemson offer meaning more than any other offer in the country.

When rational people think of Clemson football, they think of ACC domination and College Football Playoff appearances. However, there are four other reasons why an offer from Clemson football means more than an offer from any SEC, Big 10, Pac 12 or Big 12 school.

1. Top 25 Education

Former Clemson President James Barker stated that a goal he had was to turn Clemson University into a Top 25 public education before leaving and he was able to do so.

Despite not having a medical school or law school, for more than a decade, Clemson has been listed as a Top 25 public education and is among the Top 75 when taking public and private into account. A degree from Clemson will set athletes up for life especially when partnered with the PAW Journey that is designed to help football players succeed in life after football.

2. True commitment

Unlike nearly every other school that plays Power Five football, Clemson does not take Junior College products or transfers. When you commit to Clemson, they commit to you for the rest of your life and will put everything that they can into turning you into a champion.

College football coaches routinely true to recruit better talent than they have on the roster that is how you continue to grow and compete at the highest level. Unlike other programs, Clemson is not going to take your scholarship and give it to someone else that developed at a higher level or a faster rate. This happens at other programs every year.

Once you sign on the dotted line, you are part of the family through the good and the bad. Coach Swinney understands that life has its ebbs and flows and isn’t willing to cast a player aside.

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3. Complete development

From both a football and a lifelong perspective, Clemson football is going to teach you and give you the tools to be a champion. Sure, national championships rings are great, but so is becoming a great husband, father, and community leader; something that we need more of these days.

A four year Clemson football scholarship is valued at more than $2 million with everything that players receive. Sure, so is a scholarship but UGA, Alabama, or LSU but at Clemson, programs like the PAW Journey that include micro-internships with places like Google and Amazon as well as volunteer opportunities in third world countries give Clemson football players a different and holistic view of the world. This in itself is priceless.

4. Limited time offer

Any good high school coach knows that not every offer is committable upon being extended. Every offer that Clemson football extends is committable on the spot and once a player commits, Clemson is as committed to them as they are to the player.

You have never seen Clemson rescind an offer to a committed player and damn sure never the day before signing days like Alabama and LSU have in the recent years.

Clemson football and Dabo Swinney don’t just offer anyone either. For the current class of 2021, according to 247Sports, here are the current offers out to high school players:

  • Alabama: 211
  • UGA: 232
  • Ohio State: 169
  • Tennessee: 452
  • Oklahoma: 174
  • Clemson: 72

As you can see, Clemson football cares about who they offer and wants to make sure that the player that will represent the Clemson family for the rest of his life has all of the correct characteristics and brings more than being an athlete to the table.

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A Clemson football offer means more because only a select few receive them every year. That selection process is what helps make Clemson special and why the ‘Roaring 20s’ will be the best decade in program history.