Three reasons Clemson football fans are the best

JANUARY 13: Clemson Tigers fans (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images)
JANUARY 13: Clemson Tigers fans (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images) /

Clemson football fans are the best in the country and that cannot be denied or challenged.

Like anything else, winning can take its toll on a person and Clemson football has done a lot of winning in the last 10 years. No, this is not a complaint because it sure is better than the alternative, something that long time Clemson fans know all too well.

However, what the last 10 years have proven is that Clemson football fans are the greatest in college football. No other fan bases have been through what Clemson football has and to still be standing speaks volumes about who the Tiger faithful are.

Traveling Isn’t Easy

Clemson football has made five straight trips to the College Football Playoff, a badge of honor and something only Alabama has done. Of those five trips, they have made it to the national championship game four times.

With those additional trips, the mileage adds up quickly. They have traveled to Santa Clara once, Glendale Arizona three times, Dallas once, Miami once and New Orleans twice and done it all with less than a month to prepare.

Traveling is never cheap and traveling without long notice is even more expensive. Over the last five trips to the College Football Playoff, Clemson football and their fans have traveled 11,386 miles. Yet, the Tiger faithful have been there every step of the way.

Rain or Shine, the Paw comes through

Clemson football fans will weather anything to watch their Tigers play and will make the best of the moment.

Whether we are talking below freezing at kickoff or an actual hurricane like we experienced in 2015 against Notre Dame, Clemson fans are there through it all and make sure that opposing fans know that they are there as well.

If you among the lucky 82,000 that were in Death Valley back in 2015 as my son and I were, you know how bad it was with the constant rain. Never in our wildest dreams would any of us thought to be outside in weather like that, yet there we all were for nearly four hours as Clemson and Notre Dame slugged it out.

A return trip to South Bend this November could see Tiger faithful sitting in the snow and no one will bat an eye at doing so.

Not all family is blood

Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney often refers to the Clemson family and that is something that fans of all ages are happy to be a part of. Whether you are in Clemson, South Carolina, or in Santa Clara, California, when you meet fellow Tigers, there is an instant bond and connection.

Clemson’s family is very much alive and well on social media as well. Whether you are on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, Clemson fans love to engage and encourage fans, players, and coaches.

Just like game days at Death Valley and complete strangers welcome you into their tailgates, it is no different outside of football Saturdays.

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Every city has its own Clemson club and each is as welcoming as the next. Don’t believe that, look up a Clemson club on Facebook next time you are in a new town and go hang out with them. You will see that the Clemson family is a real thing!