Clemson Football: Fans go crazy over Dabo Swinney’s TikTok video

Dabo Swinney, ACC Championship
Dabo Swinney, ACC Championship /

Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney is going viral for a TikTok video he made and it’s clear that fans have strong opinions.

It’s clear that Dabo Swinney is ready to get back to work and lead the Clemson football team to another National Championship.

The head coach of the Clemson football program made a TikTok during his time working from home and it’s taking the internet by storm.

Swinney, donning a pair of Clemson football gloves, introduced himself to the TikTok world with a rhyme that will leave you either laughing or cringing. Of course, opposing fans chose the latter.

Honestly, there are three things that I take away from this video:

First, Dabo Swinney still shows that great personality and humor in a time where we desperately need it. Second, he should probably stay off of TikTok from now on. Last, opposing fans will look for anything to take a jab at the head Clemson football coach.

TikTok is known for cringe-worthy videos and this one certainly fits right in.

That being said, it’s always fun to see how rivals react to anything that Dabo Swinney does. Ohio State and Alabama fans- of course- were two of the first to jump on the video. The jealousy is real when it comes to those programs.

It should be noted that no amount of TikTok videos will stop Clemson from delivering beat downs on the field. Swinney continues to be the top coach in the country and there’s nothing wrong with him electing to have a little bit of fun.

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What do you think, Clemson football fans? Do you want to see more of Dabo Swinney on TikTok or would you rather see the head coach hang up his account before it ever really gets started? Comment below with your thoughts.