Clemson Football: How could 2020 schedule be altered?


Everyone wants to see the 2020 Clemson football season played out as planned, but what if adjustments have to be made? How could the schedule be altered?

Clemson football fans- along with the rest of the country- are anxiously awaiting word on what will happen during the 2020 College Football season.

Over the course of the last week, several conference commissioners have come out and offered ideas on what they believe will happen this coming fall and how they are handling the current situation.

The Power-5 leagues seem to be in agreement that the season may not start at the same time for every team and the SEC has mentioned playing even if the rest of the nation isn’t ready. The Pac-12 floated out an idea of potentially play 11 conference games with no non-conference match-ups as a way to cut down on travel.

ACC Commissioner John Swofford said that the conference could still play football even if there were members of the conference who weren’t ready.

So, the question for Clemson football fans is simply this: What if?

If there are college football programs who can play but others who can’t, we could see a scenario where teams in the regions that are playing look to reschedule a few games. If they have non-conference- or conference games- that are canceled, they could potentially reschedule with another program in the same region that is looking to add a game.

In those scenarios, we could see many different programs changing up their original schedule.

Could we see Clemson football potentially add a couple more conference games? Could the Tigers end up playing UNC or Miami if a spot opens up? Could we even see a situation where the Tigers play a non-conference game against an SEC opponent to fill an open slot on the schedule?

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These are all questions that can be asked, but they certainly can’t be answered here in mid-May. It will be interesting to see what happens over the course of the next few months and what the decision-makers end up doing in the end, but for now we all will continue to do the same thing: Wait and see.