Clemson Football: ESPN slights Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields


Though the Clemson football program and Ohio State Buckeyes are clearly the best two in the nation, ESPN made a major slight to both program’s quarterbacks.

The Clemson football team is currently considered the odds-on favorites to win the National Championship during the 2020 season.

One of the major reasons why is because of the return of Trevor Lawrence at the quarterback position.

While Clemson football is considered the favorites, the Ohio State Buckeyes are currently considered the No. 2 in the nation- and many analysts are predicting Ohio State to finish No. 1. Why? Well, one of the major reasons has to do with the return of QB Justin Fields.

Lawrence and Fields are the two best quarterbacks in the nation, and it’s not even close.

Both guys are considered top-three prospects in next spring’s draft, and Trevor Lawrence is widely believed to be a lock for the No. 1 overall spot.

Even though those two quarterbacks are the best in the nation, ESPN made a major slight to them both by including a third quarterback in their latest Twitter post asking College Football who they would want as their starting quarterback next season.

Despite the fact that Justin Fields and Trevor Lawrence are in a class by themselves, ESPN included Kedon Slovis– the University of Southern Cal QB- as an option.

It’s not necessarily the post, but it’s the narrative that is already trying to be created. ESPN wants USC to be relevant so bad that they’re willing to act as if Slovis- who is certainly a talented quarterback, but not on the level of Fields or Lawrence yet- is on the same playing field or that he’ll be competing for the same type of accolades, awards and team goals this upcoming season.

The truth is that ESPN could’ve included a number of other quarterbacks who would have proven just as much, if not more than Slovis, like UNC’s Sam Howell, for example.

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Even so, there have to be storylines and narratives here in the spring and this is one we’re going to be hearing more of as the summer progresses.