Clemson football: Coach Dabo Swinney continues to be a beacon of light


When Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney speaks his mind, people tend to lose theirs. Friday was no different.

On Friday afternoon, Coach Dabo Swinney made the statement that he believes that football will be played this season and he and his staff are preparing as such. Given the current climate of the world, this did not sit well as the statement made its rounds on social media.

People need to get a grip. Swinney is a football coach and a damn good one. Matter of fact he is the best at what he does and that is not debatable. What he is not is an infectious disease doctor or a fortune-teller and does not try to be either of those. Swinney believes in the power of prayer and the power to use positive thoughts to navigate an increasingly negative world.

There are plenty of negatives to find every second of every day. Rising death tolls, unemployment and everything in between, and yet people want to get mad a football coach for believing that in the near future that we can get back to our normal lives and go back to things that we love, such as college football.

People love to portray Swinney as some dumb redneck who is more “golly gee” instead of someone with a higher than average IQ. Fact is, you don’t accidentally ascend to the top of your professional before the age of 50 and you don’t earn $9 million a year on accident. You get there through hard work, focus, and determination and you continue to excel and lead despite everything going on around us.

Swinney is still moving forward with a focused mindset that he will get to coach football this year. Once again, that will put Clemson further ahead than any other program that is taking a wait and see approach. To assume football season will be canceled five months from now is ridiculous and Swinney clearly understands that better than most people.

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You don’t have to like what he says and you don’t have to agree with what he says, but the incessant need to make him out to be an awful person for being a positive light in a dark world says more about who you are than what he is.