Clemson Football: No, the Graveyard doesn’t need to change

While some Clemson football fans are seemingly wanting the tradition to change, the truth is that the Graveyard should never be altered.

The Clemson football program announced the addition of two tombstones to the graveyard: One for No. 22 Virginia (2019 ACC Championship) and one for No. 2 Ohio State (CFB Playoff).

For those unfamiliar with the tradition, the Clemson football program adds a tombstone to The Graveyard for every top-25 opponent that the Tigers beat away from Death Valley. This includes all away and postseason games.

Because of the unprecedented success under Dabo Swinney the last few years, there have been many Clemson football fans who have begun to question the tradition itself. All over social media, they are asking if things should be changed or altered to provide more space.

Opposing programs have consistently for years told Tiger fans to ‘act like you’ve been here’ and do away with the tradition.

Even though there is push-back for the longstanding tradition, the truth is that it should never be changed.

Why should Clemson adhere to the made up rules of these no-fun traditional College Football blue bloods? Why should Tiger fans try to change a tradition just because of the unprecedented success that they are experiencing right now?

The answer? They shouldn’t.

Clemson football fans need to enjoy and celebrate every single win. I’ve seen so many fans take for granted this time and expect that it’s all just going to last forever. I’ve seen so many fans leave Death Valley early against lesser opponents or turn the television far before the game is over. There are Clemson fans right now who believe the Tigers are entitled to win the ACC Championship every year and seemingly have forgotten less than decade ago when they were starving just to break the streak of not winning the conference.

You don’t change tradition and you don’t stop celebrating victories. This program was built differently than the rest of the nation and it needs to continue to operate that way. And that means keeping the Grave Yard exactly how it is.

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Trust me, there’s plenty of room for expansion should the tombstones keep coming- as we all expect they will.

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