Clemson football: Coach Swinney’s four least most controversial statements as head coach

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Dabo Swinney
Dabo Swinney /

Dabo Swinney is a lightning rod on social media when he speaks and most of the time it is much ado about nothing.

Over the years, Coach Dabo Swinney has become a lightning rod for great quotes that gives media members plenty to write about and fan bases across the country plenty to complain about. Whether we are talking about beat writers or national writers, if you cover college football you have had a thought or two about the two-time national championship coach.

When Coach Swinney was named the head coach permanently of Clemson football after the 2008 season, no one expected a national power to arise from a town of 10,000 people. Sure, he had big dreams and said if students, staff, faculty, alumni, and fans were “all in” that this program was capable of great things.

Back then, no one paid attention to what he said, Clemson was a .500 football team and were known for losing games to teams they should have beaten by three touchdowns. Even as Swinney started to win 10 games a year and beat teams like Auburn, LSU, and Oklahoma, no one cared what Swinney or Clemson were doing.

However, things changed after Coach Swinney got into a war of words with the South Carolina coach and college football hall of fame member Steve Spurrier, who himself was not used to coaches firing back at him through the media.

Throughout the last several years, Coach Swinney has said a few things that scorched the earth for those that lose to little ole Clemson and many have gone out of their way to use his quotes out of context just to go viral on social media.

Let’s take a look at the least most controversial statements Coach Swinney has made over the years.