Clemson Football: The bright side in missing spring practice


While Clemson football fans would’ve much rather preferred having spring practice as normal, here’s the bright side to not finishing out the sessions.

Clemson football fans and coaches alike would’ve obviously liked to have finished out spring practice, just like the rest of the country.

However, if there’s one thing to learn from Dabo Swinney, it’s that positives can always be found.

Taking the Coach Swinney mindset, here’s a look at the bright side for missing out on the rest of Clemson football spring practice.

  • The Tigers got in nine practice sessions

The first thing to understand is that Clemson did, in fact, get nine practice sessions in. That means that the coaching staff had a couple of weeks of time to evaluate talent and allow players to learn the system.

  • No more major injuries

Honestly, the main concern heading into spring practice is always injuries. Can a program get through the sessions without anyone becoming seriously injured and likely missing the entirety of the season? That’s the question and, while there were a few minor injuries, there was nothing major, according to Dabo Swinney.

Getting through spring practice unscathed- and in much better shape than last year, I might add- is certainly a positive for the Tigers moving forward.

  • No team is more ready for 2020 than Clemson

If there ever was a year for spring practice to be cancelled across the entire country, this was the year that it would hurt Clemson football the least.

There is no program that is more CFB-ready right now than Clemson. The Tigers are returning Trevor Lawrence, Travis Etienne, Justyn Ross, Tyler Davis, Jackson Carman, James Skalski, Derion Kendrick and a whole host of other veterans who have been around the block.

If there ever was a year for spring practice and position competitions to be cut a bit short, this was the year that Clemson could most afford it to happen.

  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder

The fact that there was no spring game means Clemson football fans will have to wait until September- at least- to get back into Death Valley for a game. When you’re made to wait, it makes things that much sweeter when they finally come to fruition.

I expect Death Valley to be rocking like never before when everything comes back to normal and this is all over.

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We’ll all continue to hold out hope that the 2020 season happens and there’s no reason not to adopt the optimism that Dabo Swinney has shown throughout this whole process.