Clemson football: Coach Swinney’s four least most controversial statements as head coach

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Dabo Swinney
Dabo Swinney /

Chances are if you are from South Carolina or anywhere in the “bible belt” you understand exactly why Dabo Swinney clings to his faith and uses it as a way to guide his principles as a husband, father, son, football coach and a leader of young men.

There are tens of thousands of people across this country that do not agree with mixing faith and business and will go out of their way to create problems for those that do.

"“It’s hard to survive and thrive in this world if you don’t have a spiritual foundation,” he continued. “For me, God has always, in my relationship with Christ, has given me hope and peace … If there’s hope in the future, there’s power in the present to deal with whatever mess you’re dealing with in your life, [and] what Christ did for me, it gave me a hope and a belief beyond my circumstances.”"

There have been dozens of articles written about why what Swinney is doing is illegal, there have been lawsuits filed against Clemson University from outside entities for allowing Swinney to use faith to guide young men during their time at Clemson.

The fact remains, Dabo Swinney has never forced a player to attend church or declare love for Christ or the religion that he believes in. People often dislike what they do not understand and Swinney’s outspoken belief in religion is proof of that.