Clemson football: Coach Swinney’s four least most controversial statements as head coach

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Dabo Swinney
Dabo Swinney /

As Clemson football and Dabo Swinney were getting ready to face LSU in New Orleans with a chance to win their third national title in four years, Swinney was asked a question about the game being so close to Baton Rouge thus giving LSU a home-field advantage.

"“No question. I think we’re the only one who took a plane here. So it’s pretty cool. This is definitely a road game. It just worked out that way. We don’t know those things in advance, I think it’s really cool for LSU. How cool is that? Just hop on a bus and go 40 minutes or so. It would be like us playing for a national championship in Greenville.”"

At no point was he “complaining” about having to play in New Orleans, he was simply pointing out how easy it would be for LSU fans to make the 40-minute drive to New Orleans and not have to spend thousands getting there.

SEC media had a field day taking this out of context, including our brothers over at Death Valley Voice in order to create a storm and story where there simply was not one.

Because of his success and ability to recruit and develop better than anyone else in the country, people are going to continue to create false narratives where there simply is not one.