Clemson football: Three Tigers that lost the most with NFL cancelling visits

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Clemson football
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Clemson football has several former players that were lucky enough to participate in the NFL combine just a little over a month ago. A little more than a week after, Clemson was able to hold it’s pro-day for NFL scouts and those that did not receive a combine invite got a chance to show what they had.

Former Clemson football players like Gage Cervenka and Chad Smith were among those that did not get an invite to the combine and needed not only the Clemson pro-day but also individual team workouts and interviews.

What has been painfully made clear by the NFL over the years is that your stature in college means little to them and the opportunity that they may or may not give someone. Former players like Eric Mac Lain and Ben Boulware should have been locks for an NFL career and neither happened.

Because the world has been turned upside down by the current state of the COVID-19 virus, everyone has had to adjust to a new way of conducting business and the NFL is no different. This, unfortunately, means that players that would have had a chance to put their names on the radar or solidify their late-round draft status are now unable to do anything of the sort.

There are a few players that were hoping to use individual workouts and interviews in order to get their NFL shot. Playing at a place like Clemson will help them in the long run but their journey to wearing an NFL jersey for a living got a lot tougher.