Clemson football: Three Tigers that lost the most with NFL cancelling visits

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Former safety Tanner Muse had a really good showing at the NFL combine as well a good pro-day. He has great size and speed to play the position in the NFL, however, scouts are worried by what he showed on tape.

The mystery around Muse can be summed up during one play against Ohio State. He was able to chase J.K. Dobbins and keep him from scoring a touchdown, however, being out of position and making the wrong initial read is why Dobbins was able to run for more than 60 yards on that play.

More so than any other level of football, a player’s football IQ matters most. Everyone on that level is an athlete and a workout warrior, being able to understand what is happening in front of you and how to react to it correctly is what separates those that make it and those that don’t.

Tanner Muse would have had a chance to show on film study and explain some of the decisions he made in big moments and would have been able to put context with the decisions he made. With the NFL not holding any of these recruiting visits, he now does not get that opportunity and scouts, general managers and head coaches are left to wonder.