Clemson Football: SEC still obsessed with Dabo Swinney

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The Clemson football program has played a significant role in the hurt of SEC teams across the country and they’re still obsessed.

The Clemson football program has played a significant role in hurting the SEC brand over the past half-decade, and because of that, the Tigers are always on the receiving end of underhand shots from jealous SEC fans.

Dabo Swinney, in particular, gets a lot of big-time criticism because of how he conducts himself and how he has built the Clemson football program.

Earlier this week, Saturday Down South- a notable SEC website- decided to take a shot at the Clemson football head coach during the COVID-19 (coronavirus disease) outbreak.


For those wondering, this is one of those shots at Swinney because of how he supported his team during the 2019 season when people and analysts were doubting the Tigers and were even making arguments that an undefeated Clemson team should be left out of the CFB Playoff because of the weakness of the ACC.

They love it when Nick Saban whines his way into the playoff field, but if anyone outside of the SEC says anything, it’s just pure complaining and “annoying.”

Honestly, this is one of those jokes that aren’t even funny but more of a failed attempt at taking a shot. You shouldn’t expect much less from Saturday Down South, though.

The website has been pumping SEC sunshine for quite some time and has hated Clemson football since the Tigers stepped on the scene as a legitimate contender.

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It just goes to show you that LSU beating Clemson in the National Championship wasn’t enough to deal with those insecurities. People know and understand that Clemson isn’t going anywhere and that the Tigers are a legitimate threat to the hierarchy of College Football, which serves as a detriment to the SEC.