Clemson Football: LSU loss might be best thing for Tiger fanbase


Though the Clemson football team came up short against LSU back in January, it might be one of the best things to happen to the fanbase.

The Clemson football program has experienced an unreal amount of success under Dabo Swinney and things only seem as if they’re going to improve in coming seasons.

That being said, the loss that Clemson football experienced in the National Championship game to LSU certainly wasn’t a ‘high-spot’ for Tiger fans. Though it wasn’t a fun experience for fans, it might be the best thing to happen to this fanbase.

This isn’t directed at the Clemson football fans who have been around since Day 1. There are thousands of Tiger fans out there who have suffered through the Tommy West years. They’ve experienced not being able to get over the hump with Tommy Bowden. And now they’re reveling in the success of Dabo Swinney unlike anything we’ve ever seen in program history.

This is more directed at the younger fans who never had to experience much heartbreak.

You see, before Clemson football even played a game in the CFB Playoff, I wrote a post detailing several successes that Tiger fans should be excited about. I remember the days where winning the ACC Atlantic Division would’ve been a ‘t-shirt worthy’ moment. Now, it’s just expected.

The first time Clemson won an ACC Championship in quite some time (back in 2011), Tiger fans bought souvenirs, they never thought it would get any better. I even have a replica football from that game.

Now, winning the ACC Championship is just another step in getting to the CFB Playoff for the “ultimate goal.”

Well, when that post was published, I had a fan tell me that I “shouldn’t tell them what to be excited for or appreciative of.” Got it.

I’m here to tell you that no one in the Clemson football fanbase likes to see the Tigers lose. But I’m hoping that the loss will remind certain fans that the fun is truly in the winning. Stop looking ahead to National Championships and instead enjoy the successes that happen along the journey.

Clemson is deeper and more talented than ever before. dark. Next

Trust me, there will be more National Championships to come. But there will also be more wins over South Carolina, ACC Championships, etc. It’s okay to celebrate more than just the big trophy and to appreciate the amount of success this program is really having- more than just one time in January per year.