Clemson Football: Tigers aren’t a ‘CFB Blueblood,’ according to poll


The Clemson football program may be on top of the CFB world, but it’s not a blueblood according to a recent fan poll series that included 120,000 votes.

The Clemson football program has had more success than anybody in the CFB Playoff era.

The Tigers have made five-straight CFB Playoff appearances, won two National Titles and competed in four of the last five National Championship games.

Despite the success that Clemson football has had, a recent fan poll from Pick Six Previews revealed what the overarching CFB fan thinks about the Tigers.

Just 31 percent of fans (in a poll group that had more than 120,000 votes overall) voted that Clemson was a blueblood.

Interestingly enough, a higher percentage of people voted for Tennessee (35 percent), Miami (37 percent), LSU (41 percent), Florida (42 percent), Florida State (44 percent) and Penn State (46 percent) than Clemson football.

Some of those, honestly, are just disrespectful.

Tennessee hasn’t been relevant in decades. The Volunteers last won a National Title in 1998 and then you have to go all the way back to 1967 to find their next one. They claim six overall, none of which are more recent than 1951 outside of the 1967 and 1998 seasons listed above.

Florida, which received 44 percent of its votes, has three National Championships in program history. The same as Clemson. The Gators didn’t even win a National Championship until 1996 and haven’t had an opportunity at another one since 2008 when they last were nationally relevant.

Nebraska, Texas, Michigan, USC, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Ohio State and Alabama were all voted as ‘bluebloods’ even though half of those listed haven’t been relevant in College Football for more than a decade.

So, are ‘bluebloods’ defined as has-beens? That’s what it seems with most of these programs, honestly. I mean, it’s been two decades since Michigan won a National Title (1997) and the same with Nebraska.

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Congratulations on claiming National Titles back in the pre-World War II era, but that doesn’t make you a ‘blueblood’ or relevant in the world of College Football.